Why should leaders champion cyber security in today’s digital world?

Good cyber security safeguards your organisation’s ability to function and is central to its health and resilience. Protecting an organisation against cyber crime is everyone’s responsibility, not just the IT department and senior leadership support is paramount. Since the pandemic, the sharp rise in cyber attacks has demonstrated why there is no room to be […]

4 reasons researchers need more support

Author: Steve Kennett, Executive director of e-infrastructure. Research underpins everything that we are, and do; without it, we as a nation will not thrive. The outstanding work that goes into finding predictions, evidence and solutions is phenomenal. The COVID-19 vaccines’ fast development is a prime example of science saving us. We think researchers need more […]

Digital transformation Post COVID recovery

Post pandemic: What’s next for digital?

Author: Steve Masters, chief digital group chief technology officer. Everyone has adapted over the past year to make the best out of a bad situation. Whether your organisation was digital or not, it’s likely transformed in some way to provide the same, familiar service. Even as a digital organisation, Jisc have made changes for the […]