4 reasons researchers need more support

Author: Steve Kennett, Executive director of e-infrastructure.

Research underpins everything that we are, and do; without it, we as a nation will not thrive.

The outstanding work that goes into finding predictions, evidence and solutions is phenomenal. The COVID-19 vaccines’ fast development is a prime example of science saving us. We think researchers need more support, and here’s why.

The right resources can make your job easier

Having the right resources at your disposal can help you overcome many obstacles. Make sure you have everything you need to carry out your work with ease. There is always pressure to have the correct IT infrastructure and capabilities, and in this respect, support is vital. Jisc already powers the European Bioinformatics Institute and the UK Biobank, enabling researchers to access data and gain insights into health and disease.

Connectivity is important to work promptly, and our world-class Janet Network is a connection you can rely on. A cloud-managed environment means you don’t have to worry about your storage, databases, Office 365 and web services. Protecting and securing your research is essential; with advances in threats and attacks, making cyber security a must.

It saves you time

The Janet Network is guaranteed to save you time by operating at up to 600 gbit/s. Researchers are busy people and need their time to be focused on science, not the logistics of technology, and we can assist with that.

Stay current and on trend

At Jisc, we stay on top of trends and are consistently enhancing our services to make sure our members get the best out of our offering. Our experts are already imagining a Research 4.0 future where automation can take on the mundane low-level aspects of work. You are our job, we’ll come to you with new ideas and advances in technology so you can focus on the research.

Experts need experts

To do the job of an expert, you need experts to support you. Your requirements are our aims, and we will procure, manage and maintain your digital transformation on your behalf. We are experts in our field, and we are committed to supporting a new national data infrastructure. Research is underpinned by the Janet Network, cyber security, cloud and data infrastructure. All of this strengthens the implementation of flexible solutions for institutions and research collaborations.

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