Managing the cloud environment: how to enhance your security posture

  Cloud security is a priority for public sector IT leaders in 2022. Here are some tips on meeting the challenge in practice. Author: Richard Jackson, Lead cloud security specialist, Jisc  During the Covid-19 pandemic, organisations migrated on a large scale to cloud-based and internet-facing services, responding to a spike in demand for remote access […]

Simple, stress-free steps to a positive security culture

It’s a common misconception in many workforces that their organisation is at low risk from threats to online security. Thinking you’re unlikely to be a target is the biggest security mistake you can make. Even those who do recognise the potential threat may think they can’t do anything about it personally and it’s something for […]

Quick, easy ways to boost your data security

As if data security couldn’t already keep you awake at night, two recent, widely reported studies have highlighted that it will be an even more pressing issue for IT teams in businesses and public sector organisations in 2022. The consulting firm Gartner’s report ‘Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022’ points out that businesses are seeking […]

Why should leaders champion cyber security in today’s digital world?

Good cyber security safeguards your organisation’s ability to function and is central to its health and resilience. Protecting an organisation against cyber crime is everyone’s responsibility, not just the IT department and senior leadership support is paramount. Since the pandemic, the sharp rise in cyber attacks has demonstrated why there is no room to be […]

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How to secure senior leader support for your IT department

Author: Mark Clark, subject specialist infrastructure, Jisc Organisations rely heavily on their IT department to provide critical services yet find themselves stretched and without the support of senior leaders. Their services keep the business afloat; therefore, they need the proper provisions to deliver. To further your chances of securing resources and investment, you need the […]

Cyber attacks are increasing, and charities are not immune

Author: Jon Hunt, cyber security service delivery manager During the pandemic, digital transformation has become even more fundamental across all sectors. It supports the way organisations operate, particularly with the evolution of hybrid-working. However, technological development has also provided more significant opportunities for cyber attacks, and criminals have stepped up their techniques with timed and […]

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Three steps of digital transformation

  Author: Jayne Davies, managing director, customer sales and enablement, Jisc Digital transformation has become much of a buzzword, but what do we mean by this? The pandemic has fast-tracked the adoption of new technology across the world. However, digital transformation is not just about technology. People are just as important, and changes to their […]

A strong password isn’t enough to secure your account

Author: Jon Hunt, cyber security service delivery manager Criminals always find a way to take advantage of disasters. There has been a surge in phishing emails and online scams during the pandemic by criminals seeking to defraud us of our usernames and passwords. This is one reason why it’s so important not to use the […]

4 reasons researchers need more support

Author: Steve Kennett, Executive director of e-infrastructure. Research underpins everything that we are, and do; without it, we as a nation will not thrive. The outstanding work that goes into finding predictions, evidence and solutions is phenomenal. The COVID-19 vaccines’ fast development is a prime example of science saving us. We think researchers need more […]

Digital transformation Post COVID recovery

Post pandemic: What’s next for digital?

Author: Steve Masters, chief digital group chief technology officer. Everyone has adapted over the past year to make the best out of a bad situation. Whether your organisation was digital or not, it’s likely transformed in some way to provide the same, familiar service. Even as a digital organisation, Jisc have made changes for the […]